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Mother's Milk

Short Documentary - 2022

After the recent death of her mother, Dragica is now the only person working on her small family farm in western Serbia. Over one hot summer day, she battles with the burden of legacy and the responsibility of being a provider to many.

Festival Screenings:

-DOK Leipzig 2022

-Nominated for the Silver Eye Award at East Silver Market

The Two Tales

Short Documentary - 2020

A father, a son, and all the precious particles left behind. 

After losing his father at a young age, filmmaker Isaac Knights-Washbourn explores fragmented memories of his childhood. Both the fragility of life and the strength of a paternal bond are examined through physical and mythologized traces his father left behind.

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Money Honey

Short Film - 2020

Stuck in the middle of Auckland's housing crisis, two young hustlers discover some money and try to double it in the hope of buying an epic sandwich.


Short Documentary  - 2010

A short documentary about artists, musicians and characters on Dominion Road in Auckland, New Zealand. This documentary took place before the demolition and redevelopment of the road due to the impending 2011 Rugby World Cup.
As a road begins to change… a road that was once feared by many… inspired the artists that lived in its homes and sheltered the addicts and transients in its halfway houses

"...and death shall have no dominion"

- Dylan Thomas

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